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Dragon Speed Paint Dragon Speed Paint

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Speedpainting is the best way to get an idea down in more than just a doodle that will later be forgotten. It's definitely a great thing, but it's also a very useful tool. You now have the foundation for an image that can be fleshed out to completion with ease, because everything is right in front of you.

This is great for a speedpaint, and I would love to see you take it further, into a finished piece!

love, anne.

krissalus responds:

Hey, thanks! Maybe I will go further with it someday, but for now, it was just some good practice. Thanks for the review! :)

Shaggy and the Reluctant GF Shaggy and the Reluctant GF

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I love this for the idea, and that you remembered Googie, who is not a very well remembered Scooby Doo character. I also love the attention to detail and the lighting hue that make it obvious its movie night at Shaggy's house despite the fact that the television is not shown. You stayed very true to the look of the characters, and Scooby seems especially accurate. His design is simple, but the line placement is key for him to look like himself. You did a great job with that.

However, I find that the composition lacks a bit. The characters are very small in the frame, and get swallowed up by the horizontal lines of the background, couch, and foreground. Cropping the picture closer to the characters will pull the focus in to them, and make it easier to see Velma's jealous, sneering expression. With so much empty space, the feeling of "Look out, she's behind you!" disappears because the eye can look so many other places. The empty space seems unnecessary for the work.

Nice job overall, and keep it up!

StevRayBro responds:

Great Advice, will keep that in mind on the next piece.

Kayla Chibi Kayla Chibi

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

This is great, but there are a few inaccuracies regarding the lighting and how it is hitting her body. The light source here is a sphere, and the light it not blocked by any object or lampshade, which means the light is sort of going in every direction. Because of that, the light coming from the upper hemisphere of the light would be hitting her hair stronger than it is currently. It would also be bright on the bone structures of the left (our right) wing.

Because of the strong light, the shadows are also going to be stronger. It's all about the play of light and dark. If the light is hitting her left arm (our right) so strongly, her arm should cast a dark, solid shadow across her wing, but it doesn't. Her hair should also be casting a shadow over part of her face. Adding in shadows will help the illusion of light in this piece be more believable. A good rule of thumb is for every light spot, there should also be a dark spot in the picture. In other words, for every highlight, there should be a shadow. Right now, you have highlights and midtones, but no dark shadows.

This is a great piece though, and the choice of making the light source low adds a lot of very nice drama. Design and composition wise, this artwork is very strong! Nice work, I really like it!

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HypnoSquido responds:

woah thanks for taking the time to write all that! x D
yes I completely understand what you mean, good work!
I will keep practicing! <o/

again, thank you for taking your time on writing such a useful review ^^